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About Us

At SPEED, we believe that the best way of learning is fun. We therefore provide high quality and safe toys in developing children’s creativity and ability to shape their thinking. We also believe that children of all ages deserve the best and we take responsibility in contributing to the development of the child by providing good imagination-stimulating educational toys.

Our company was established in 1995 in Egypt

since then we have been rapidly growing in the Egyptian market, our head offices and warehouses are situated in Al Obour city – Cairo – Egypt with two branches in Alexandria and South Egypt responsible for distribution and marketing. We are strongly committed to our children’s safety and happiness; we are participating in this by insuring to bring to our children’s hand tips the most innovated, safe and creative toys from all around the globe. Based on our corporate philosophy quality innovation and services comes first we strive to bring world famous brand names to our market. Our list of licenses include a wide variety of world famous brands in the toys industry and we are determines to attract even more throughout 2013.

Toys That Don’t Break... Their Promises




OUR Vission

To Be a leading regional distributer of toys introducing products sought after while delivering substantial results for our partners.



To be in the business of shaping children’s lives


Success is attributed to our team of high caliber, diverse, experienced staff. We are now in an exciting phase of growth and looking to expand our highly valued team to meet further challenges.

The Founder

The Founder

Architectural engineer Ali Adham El Deriny Founded this company in1995, motivated by his endless passion for children, their welfare and happiness was his dream. He believes that having fun and being happy for children is equivalent to breathing if not even more!

His passion has a diversity of areas covering toys for all age groups. Safety...quality… innovation….were the secret words that drove his journey seeking happiness and fun for children from all over the globe.

He depends on very unconventional means for appraising toys and measuring how much fun there is in it.. Is it eye catching? Is it interesting? Is it challenging? … this feedback was from his two beloved children, Kamal & Angy … ‘’The most sincere ,realistic spontaneous feedback you can get on a toy is from a child’’ ..He said.

However, this doesn’t mean he stopped believing in the child inside him; it always worked and always will…….


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